Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Batman Fanfic comming at cha!

Aivilo's Halloween
Damian sat in the bat cave. Bored out of his mind. It was Halloween Night, and Dick wasn't home. Alfred offered to take him out for the trick-or-treating but Damian reclined. He wasn't going to partake in something so childish.
Suddenly in a poof of purple smoke appeared a girl with curly brown hair thrown into a pony tail, and a robin suit that resembled Stephanie Brown's.
Damian recognized her immediately and lunged at her, but she quickly poofed behind him and stated,
"Whoa short stuff! I'm not here to annoy ya! … okay that's a lie, but that's not my soul purpose of being here this time." she smiled a very quirky smile.
"What do you want… Aivilo. Right?" Damian questioned with a growl.
"It's also Poofer. Geez, I have a superhero name! why don't people use it!"
"Whatever." Damian stated sharply. "I just want to know why you're here so I can get you to leave."
"Yeesh. Way to role in the welcome wagon." she muttered, and Damian delivered a bat-glare. "At least ten more years until you get that glare right, kid." Aivilo laughed. "Anyway, I'm here cause… IT'S HALLOWEEN!" Damian gave her a blank look.
"Okay. I have set a goal. Since I basically live on my room, finding food gets kinda annoying. But Halloween? Free Candy. I've been going to every universe and trick-or-treating at each doorstep. Once I get the candy, I poof it to my bed room. IT'S LIKE A YEAR SUPPLY OF CANDY! CAN YOU IMAGINE ME WITH A YEAR SUPPLY OF CANDY!" She exclaimed.
"I'm actually fearful for people's lives." he stated seriously.
"Ha!" she laughed. "That's just what Tim said in the DC animated universe." she then paused for a moment. "You think…." she then shook her head. "Nah. Tim's to nice to be look ya." she said, looking at the boy.
"You do know that I could kill you right now." he stated seriously.
"Yah I know. What can I say, I love living life to the fullest." she shrugged. "Besides, I need a trick-or-treating partner for tonight!" she snapped her finger and in a poof of purple smoke, Damien was in a pink bunny costume.
"YOU'RE SO CUTE!" she screeched with laughter.
"Why am I in a bunny suit." Aivilo had a camera and took a few pictures, and then poofed the camera away.
"Public humiliation mostly. But if you're gonna be trick-or-treating with me, you have to be something." Aivilo had a devious smirk on her face, and before Damian could say anything, they appeared on a doorstep. Aivilo quickly rung the door bell, and an old woman answered.
"Why hello there. Don't you two look adorable." she grinned.
"Thank you." Aivilo smiled, and Damian had a sour glare on his face at Aivilo, which the woman seemed to be completely oblivious to. She handed the two a packet of snickers and closed the door.
"Sweet. I love candy." Aivilo grinned, and Damian just glared. "Cheer up grumpy bunny. You're ten. Have some fun on Halloween night!" she exclaimed, and poofed to another house.
The two of them were quickly accumulating candy, and Damian hated to admit it, but he was having a good time. (Besides having to wear the bunny suit that is.) Aivilo snapped her fingers and they appeared back in the Batcave.
"Do you think Alfred will let me keep the candy?" Damian question.
"Probably not. Ya better hide it." she smirked. "Wanna have one last Halloween blast?" she inquired, and even before Damian could say a thing they disappeared.
"Where are we?" Damian inquired looking around, seeing a giant mansion.
"The batman brave and the bold universe." she explained with a sound of disdain in her mouth.
"What are we suppose to do?" he inquired. She snapped her fingers and hundreds of toilet paper rolls appeared next to her.
"We're gonna tee-pee this Batman's mansion." she grinned evilly. A Halloween night to remember.

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