Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First blog ever

My blog is mostly just gonna be Fan fiction that i write and things that i think you will enjoy!
Here is the first one!

Its some southpark fanfic i worked really hard on.

Eric Theodore Cartman slipped on his black baseball cap, and zipped up his black jacket. He grabbed his knapsack, and flung it over his shoulder. The contents flew around, a video camera, super glue, a box of tampons, a black dildo, a rope, and his mother's wet underwear with who knows what on it, and a box of donuts. The thought of the innocent Jew snoring softly in his so called 'safe' bed pleased him. So many options to torment the sneaky Jew rat! He felt his lip curl into the cruel smile he always seemed to save for Kyle. Kyle Broflovski, his life's purpose. The pissed off stare he would always give him, it tickled him pink. Eric was able to get under the Jew's skin, and it pleased him. It gave him great joy to give the Jew pain, and torture. He could make the Jew rat do anything he wanted, using his element. Fear. He slowly and quietly opened the door, shuddering at the small creak it made. He slowly stepped out, feeling his eyes dart shiftily side to side. He tip toed secretly down the stairs, his mother had no clue he was even up. She thought he had gone to bed hours ago. Actually, he had been lying in bed dreaming and fantasizing of the Jew's tears. It was time to make that a reality. He punched in the code of the alarm, so it wouldn't go off as he made his escape. He quickly ran down the street, feeling the cold Colorado night air freeze his face. A few minutes later, the large boy skidded to a stop in front of the house of Kyle Broflovski. He chuckled softly under his breath and as quietly as possible, lifted the latch and opened the gate into his backyard. The snow crunched softly under his feet, leaving footprints. This didn't matter though; they would be filled in by morning. He unzipped his bag and grabbed the rope, tossing it up and it caught on the latch of his window. He tugged it, testing if it was safe, and to his satisfaction it was. You see, Eric Theodore Cartman had done this many times; sneaking into the Jew's room was… a bad habit. With difficulty he climbed, mountain style up to Kyle's window. Within a minute he was at the window, he quietly slid it open and hopped in, landing with a soft thud on the carpet. He widened his eyes and remained perfectly still, as he heard the Jew grunt and turn. He was comforted by a quiet snore. He sighed with relief and stood up, and looked at the sleeping Jew. He was sleeping sideways and the blankets were strewn across the bed, his red curls tousled. The overweight boy felt a sudden surge of power; he could do anything he wanted to the Jew, anything at all. Despite himself he sneered. So many options, what to do what to do? Then it came to him, Kyle mumbled something in his sleep. Cartman widened his eyes and leaned in closer, hoping to catch what he was saying.
"What's that Kaaahhhl?" He whispered, holding the Jew's name out as always. He mumbled again, and this time he caught it.
"S-Stan…" He moaned contentedly. The larger boy's heart skipped a beat, then thudded, like a hammer on cloth. Had the Jew… just said his best friend's name? He quickly ran to his knapsack and took out the video camera trying to convince himself that he hadn't just heard what he thought he'd heard. Why did this bother him? He didn't have a clue. Slowly Kyle moaned as he slowly reached his hand down to his member and began rubbing it while mumbling his friend's name.
"That's a hell of a wet dream you're having there Jew," The larger boy laughed darkly.
"Oh, oh Stan… please…" The Jew groaned. All on camera, the Jew was masturbating and Cumming to his best friend! The Jew WAS a fag! After a few minutes if Kyle's little session the larger boy jumped down the window, removing the rope and ran away as fast as his little legs would carry him. All the way back to his house he sang merrily:
"Broflovski, I got the goods on you cha! I know your dirty little secret cha!" Ending, in a low voice filled with dark enthusiasm.
"And now your mine."